Queen Mary Hospital

The Accident & Emergency (A&E) Department is the only A&E managed by the Hospital Authority in the Hong Kong West Cluster. It provides 24-hour emergency medical services to its coverage areas of Central, Western and Southern districts of Hong Kong Island.

Our department consists of a fully equipped resuscitation room, one acute care room, multiple patient cubicles for stretcher and wheel-chair cases, rooms for disturbed patients and a walk-in clinic. Emergency Radiology and computed tomography services are available for clinically indicated patients. Other facilities include designated rooms for wound dressing, minor operation and application of plaster. We also operate a 20-bed Emergency Medicine (cum Clinical Toxicology) ward for general patients requiring extended care, as well as poisoned patients requiring Toxicology specialist care.

To ensure that all patients with urgent and life-threatening conditions receive prompt treatment, a triage system is in place to assess their clinical conditions. Based on objective assessment criteria, patients are prioritized by our nurses into 5 categories: Critical, Emergency, Urgent, Semi-urgent and Non-urgent and will receive treatment according to clinical needs. Real-time waiting time information of the A&E Departments in Hong Kong can be found in the Hospital Authority App.

We have close collaboration with the Ambulance Service of the Fire Services Department to provide rapid identification, assessment and treatment for time-critical diseases. In case a person, having an emergency or injury, is unable or of high risk to seek urgent medical attention on his or her own, he or she can call the 999 Hotline or the Fire Services Communication Centre at 2735 3355 for emergency ambulance service.