Current Projects

Jockey Club Emergency Care Programme on Elderly

Heart diseases, cerebrovascular diseases, and complications from fall injury have been known to be major threats to elderly’s health, and a great burden for the health system. Based on the health service utilization data in 2005‐06, it is estimated that a person aged 65 or above occupies on average six times more hospital bed days than a person aged below 65. Jockey Club Community Programme on Elderly Emergency Care (JCCPEEC) aims to improve the health status of the elderly population in Hong Kong by enhancing the awareness of, preparedness for and response to stroke, heart attack and fall injury among the elderly population, their caregivers and elderly service providers. It involves the creation of an elderly-centric programme on emergency care. JCCPEEC adopts geragogic principles and empowers them to become a peer instructor or provider.

With financial support from The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust and collaboration with non-governmental organizations, EMU has launched JCCPEEC in three communities in Hong Kong. This three-year project has started since early 2020. As at the end of the 2020, we have developed around 150 interested individuals to be potential instructors. The emergency training was conducted through active learning and has received a high recommendation from the participants.


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