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Revive-a-life Program

The survival rate of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) in Hong Kong has not increased significantly despite advances in science and technology. According a published study from EMU, fewer than 1 in 44 victims of OHCA (2.3%) can survive. It is believed timely bystander resuscitation has a great role for improvement. EMU’s Revive-a-life programme (RALP) is a resuscitation training on chest compression and automated external defibrillator (AED) for secondary school students and their teachers which forms the basis for future resuscitation education into the secondary school curriculum. This programme is funded by the Quality Education Fund.

The background knowledge, mechanism and demonstration of chest compression and AED through video clips, and promotional materials are available in the electronic learning platform for better student engagement. Value education is also developed on top of technical skills development, through an interactive environment where students can virtually relieve from the cognitive constraints in realities and reflect upon their value system. Fifty local secondary schools joined the project as the partner schools. This two-year project trained teachers from each participating school as instructors of CPR and AED. A total of 6059 S2 to S4 students and 246 teachers benefited from the project.

E-Learning platform and apps: