Elderly First-aid Handbook

The Elderly First aid handbooks were written by a group of medical students of the University Of Hong Kong (HKU) with the guidance from academic staffs of Emergency Medicine Unit of the HKU. These two handbooks were published with support of ‘We Are With You’ Fund and are available in English and Chinese language.

Ageing population is a worldwide phenomenon. It is expected that the proportion of people aged 65 or above would rise from 13% in 2011 to 30% in 2041 in Hong Kong. With increasing number of senior citizens in the community, how to best respond to their healthcare demands should be everyone’s concern.

These two handbooks aim at guiding the readers across the vast topic of first aid for an ill or injured elderly. It is primarily written for the caretakers of the elderly in the community. But readers other than the caretakers of the elderly may also find the two handbooks useful if they come across an elderly who is acutely unwell. These two handbooks are neither authoritative nor comprehensive. It is hoped that readers would pursue further study on the topics in which they are interested and help themselves better respond to an ill or injured elderly under their care.

HKU Elderly First-aid Book A

HKU Elderly First-aid Book B